The Scandinavian American Foundation of Georgia (SAFG) invites you to use this website to find exciting activities that are taking place in the Atlanta area.

SAFG represents people from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden - the Nordic countries.


SAFG is your go-to organization for all the answers you need about special programs and events for Scandinavian-American community. 

Join SAFG and become involved in planning and participating in those activities which interest you and benefit our community. Make a donation today, share your talents and expertise with our community, receive invitations to events, and share your news with our community. Join SAFG LinkedIn Group HERE to learn more about our program and community.

Since its founding in 1983, the Scandinavian American Foundation of Georgia (SAFG) has acquainted Georgians with Scandinavian cultural expressions, such as art, crafts, film, music, literature, as well as culinary arts and amateur athletics. Art exhibits and musical performers from Georgia have also been co-sponsored to Scandinavia.


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